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Scribbeo allows individuals and groups to view, comment, and collaborate on visual content.

• Annotate video & images directly on screen
• Email notes and markups via PDF/HTML
• Notes include timecode, date, & initials
• Collaborate with other users using our free Scribbeo Server
• AirPlay and AirPrint compatible
• Local, Network, and Live Transcode modes

IMPORTANT: Live Transcode Mode allows viewing only (No annotation or timecode support.) Visit www.scribbeo.com for more information. Use our forum to report any issues. Or email us at support@scribbeo.com.

Scribbeo is a Universal app that works on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Use Scribbeo to expedite complex communication threads.

"This app is fantastic. I can't imagine myself trying to work without it."
Shane Brennan Writer-producer (NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Summerland, CSI: Miami)

In order to use our free Scribbeo Server your system requirements are as follows:
Mac 10.6 and up
Windows XP

• Download and install our free Scribbeo Server from www.scribbeo.com/server.
• See details on installation and use at www.scribbeo.com/explore/networkmode

The Scribbeo Server uses ffmpeg as a core component for the “on the fly”conversion process. The following codecs are supported in Scribeo Live Transcode Mode:
• H.264
• And more at http://ffmpeg.org/general.html#Video-Codecs in the “Decoding” section

IMPORTANT: Currently Pro Res, Avid MPEX formats are not supported.

• Please direct any issues and suggestions to our forum located at www.scribbeo.com/forum.
• Support is available via email from support@scribbeo.com.

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