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Start memorizing your lines today with Scene Partner® — the one App you need to get offbook fast! Use your own scripts or choose from a growing collection of Publisher e-Scripts from Samuel French and Dramatists Play Service.

Buy Publisher e-Scripts on the Scene Partner WebStore for as low as $9.99 — the authorized Acting Editions in Scene Partner’s digital format.

Or use your own script. Our Script Conversion Fee is only $1.99 — a one time charge per script.

Use scripts in Scene Partner on up to 4 devices at no additional charge.

SHOP THE NEW SCENE PARTNER WEBSTORE for a growing collection of Publisher e-Scripts including

• ALMOST, MAINE by John Cariani
• THE DIXIE SWIM CLUB, by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten
• DINNER WITH FRIENDS, by Donald Margulies
• TIME STANDS STILL, by Donald Margulies
• THE 39 STEPS, by Patrick Barlow and John Buchan

FEATURED IN Variety, BACKSTAGE, Wall Street Journal Online, Stage Directions, Stage Magazine, SETC News and DRAMATICS Magazine

"Scene Partner is incredibly intuitive and easy to use."

"…forget the highlighters, flash cards and driving friends and family crazy… and take preparing for that next role to a higher level."
—Stage Magazine

SCENE PARTNER FOR THEATERS — get scripts to your cast and get them offbook!

• Set up a Theater Account with a password protected Library

• Buy multiple e-Script copies — one for each cast member who has Scene Partner

• Each actor can download only one copy of the e-Script

• Actors can use the e-Script in Scene Partner on up to 4 of their devices

• There is no cost to actors to download a Publisher e-Script from your Theater’s Library

SCENE PARTNER FOR ACTORS — the one App you need to get offbook fast!

• Focus the script around your character with the Cast Feature

• Turn the text of your play into speech using the text-to-speech voices — Listen to your cues, lines or whole scenes

• Record yourself and your fellow cast members with the built in voice recorder

• Read the PDF versions of Publisher e-Scripts — included with the purchase of any Publisher e-Script

• Highlight your script or hide your lines with one tap using the Read Feature — only $1.99

• Make changes to your scripts on the fly* and create French Scenes with the Edit Feature — only $1.99

• Record blocking, character or director’s notes and play them back where you place them in the script with the Note Feature — only $1.99


• Scene Partner includes the Cast, Listen and Record Features FREE — everything you need to get started and get offbook

• Scene Partner comes with two FREE text to speech voices you can download after you install Scene Partner

• Two of Shakespeare's greatest plays, King Lear and As You Like It, are pre-loaded in the App

• Use these FREE Features, Voices and Scripts to try Scene Partner out and see if it is right for you

• Added Features — When you’re ready to add more Features, Read, Edit and Note are available for only $1.99 each or in a convenient Feature Pack for only $4.99—save over 15% vs the single Feature price

• Script Downloads — Scene Partner charges a small Script Conversion fee of $1.99 to format the script to work with Scene Partner. This fee is included if you use your own script from your Private Library, if you select a title from our Public Library of scripts that are in the public domain, or if you use a script from a Theater Library. After this initial fee, you can then use the script in Scene Partner on up to 4 devices. This Script Conversion fee does not apply to Publisher e-Scripts.

• Extra voices are available for only $1.99 each — U.S. English, UK English and now NEW French, German, Italian and Spanish voices!

• Script Uploads — Scene Partner charges a small storage fee of $1.99 on each script upload to Public or Theater Libraries

*Due to copyright restrictions, some Edit features are not available for use with Publisher e-Scripts

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