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A camera app with infinite possibilities. New universal release supports iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch; direct upload to Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter; and high-output resolution up to 3000x3000 pixels.

Plastic Bullet 2.0 puts the fun, spontaneity and surprise of plastic-fantastic toy cameras on your favorite Apple device. Just tap to turn your photo into a gloriously unpredictable work of art, then tap again to change the look.

New random border styles add a rough, smooth or torn artistic border to your photos.

Start with the built-in camera or a shot from your Photo Library. Plastic Bullet develops your photo into four or nine random variations. Like one? Tap it to see it larger. Love it? Tap the heart to save. Or keep tapping the Refresh button to see infinite variations. If you like one, save it!

Just like a real plastic camera, Plastic Bullet creates photos that are unique and unexpected, to quickly find a lo-fi look that you love. There's an option to save your original shots, so you can keep shooting and develop more random versions later. Even better, you can now immediately share your photos with friends on Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter – or all four sites at once.

Main Features:

★ Upload immediately: Direct upload to Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter from inside the app.
★ New border styles: Artistic border styles randomly add a rough, smooth or torn edge to your photos.
★ High pixel resolution: Create unique photos up to 3000x3000 pixels in size (depending on your device).
★ iPhone 4 optimization: Movie output has been optimized specifically to look good with iPhone 4 exposure levels.
★ Preserves photo quality: Choose setting of Low (50%), Medium (75%) or High (100%) based on the original photo size, to keep small images from scaling up.
★ Smart pause: Supports iOS 4 'suspend & resume' so you can return to where you left off. Developing and upload are fully interruptible (but do not run in the background).

Here's what users and reviewers have been saying:

"Bottom line Plastic Bullet is awesome! The images are dreamy, plasticy and lovely. If you like the toy camera look this is the app to get."

"…The images look like they were taken with any number of plastic lo-fi cameras — probably even better looking than the real analog camera in many cases."

"I think I may actually be in love with Plastic Bullet. It turns my boring iPhone pictures into magic."

Red Giant Software makes professional tools for film and video production. The Magic Bullet family of plug-ins offer sophisticated color correction tools to give your video the look of motion picture films. Simple tools, Giant results.

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