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***** You Must Download the FREE Server Software from http://www.lightiron.com/services/live-play **********

An automated digital playback and on-set collaboration tool, LiVE PLAY lets users view, share, and comment on clips from their LiVE PLAY-equipped iPads.

LiVE PLAY allows for immediate review of H.264 content served via the free server application, LiVE PLAY Server (download for free at www.lightiron.com). Directors, cinematographers, visual effects supervisors, script supervisors, and other key production personnel have the ability to efficiently review camera takes or pre-visualizations independently from one another wirelessly and in high definition on LiVE PLAY. For instant playback of captured clips, LiVE PLAY can be paired with Teradek's CUBE H.264 transmitters (http://cube.teradek.com/).

LiVE PLAY also offers collaboration tools that allow key members of the production to "tag" clips with custom notes, which, in turn, can then be passed on to post production and editorial. This metadata is transferred to the server application where it is consolidated with other comments and then exported as a PDF with clip thumbnails or exported as a database to third party collaborative portals.

* LIVE PLAY Features*
- Password Protection
- Customizable Users
- Supports H.264 MOVs
- Customizable Watermark
- Loop, Autoplay, Fullscreen mode
- Custom project settings
- Export to PDF or .CSV
- Customizable hot keys
- Customizable department rooms
- Scene & take naming
- Hide bad takes
- Custom commenting

*****LiVE PLAY Server can be downloaded for free at www.lightiron.com

If you have any support issues please contact us liveplay@lightiron.com or check www.lightiron.com.

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