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Lighting Calculator combines several useful calculations that lighting designers and technicians use on a day to day basis.
Calculations include:

Beam Angle Calculator:
• Required Lens - Provide the distance and desired beam size and the app will tell you what size lens you'l need.

• Beam Diameter - Provide the distance and lens angle and the app will tell you how big a pool of light you'll have.

•Throw Distance - Provide the beam size and lens angle and the app will tell you how far a throw is required.

Gobo Projection Calculator:

• Image Size - Provide the app with the gobo image size and throw distance, select the lantern your using and it will provide the projected image size.

• Gobo Size -Provide your desired projected Image size and throw distance, select the lantern your going to use and it will provide you with the gobo image size you need. - Handy when designing your gobo's!

All measurements are available in Metric and Imperial, and more lanterns will be added regularly. In time a database covering over 500 lamps both conventional and moving lights will be added for easy selection and reference.

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    Andrew Derrington

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