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INSTAVIZ is diagram sketching for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Sketch some rough shapes and lines and Instaviz magically turns them into beautifully laid-out diagrams.

“Instaviz’s impressive strength is the way that it intelligently rearranges your flowchart for an optimal layout on the fly.” — ★★★★☆ Touch Reviews.

“Here’s what I like about it, I don’t have to worry about picking tools to draw the various shapes — I have a tool right here: it’s my finger!” — 5/5, BestAppSite.

“Instaviz is one of the best mindmapping apps that i’ve come across. It’s dead simple to use and works quite well.” — 8/10 Editor's Pick, AppCraver.

“I often wish for a tool that would let me sketch charts on my iPhone. Instaviz is exactly what the doctor ordered.” — TUAW, The Unofficial Apple Blog.

“On the iPhone my mindmapping app of choice is Instaviz. It is a powerful, yet easy to use app that can’t help but impress.” — Gear Diary.

When you were young, the grown-ups used to catch you doodling little circles and lines on the back of your exercise books or paper napkins, instead of paying attention to what they said. They didn’t realize that you need to sketch things out, how they relate to other things, in order to get them into your head and other people’s heads.

Much later, you learnt the grown-up names for the sketch — mindmap, concept map, semantic network, org chart, flowchart, social network, workflow diagram, genomic hierarchy, E-R diagram...

Instaviz is a pocket whiteboard. Throw away the exercise books and paper napkins, Instaviz will figure out the diagram for you. Brainstorm and conceptualize like you use pencil and paper, without a pesky interface getting in your way. Then with a couple of taps, share your diagrams with friends and colleagues through email and websites.

• Tap on the Edit button and sketch out a rough shape. Instaviz magically transforms it into a neat ellipse, circle, rectangle, square, diamond or triangle.

• Tap on the Edit button and sketch a link between two shapes. Instaviz quickly redraws the diagram with the most pleasing layout.

• Scroll the diagram by dragging with one finger, or use two fingers in Edit mode. Zoom in and out by pinching with two fingers.

• To edit the label, color or style of a shape or link, tap on the Edit button, then double-tap on the shape or link.

• To change the shape, tap on the Edit button, then tap on the shape to select it and sketch the new shape over the old one.

• To delete a shape or link, tap on the Edit button, then tap on shape or link to select it and shake the iPhone.

• To share the diagram, tap on the action button at the main Graphs list, tap the graphs to check them, then choose a sharing method. You can preview to Camera Roll or Saved Photos, Email or Export the diagram to box.net, iDisk (MobileMe) or any WebDAV server. You can choose Graphviz GV, PDF, PNG and Visio VDX formats.

• To import a new diagram, tap on the action button button at the main Graphs list, then tap on the Import button. You can import the diagram from box.net, iDisk (MobileMe) or any website, in the Graphviz GV format.

WATCH a video of Instaviz in action:

PRINT and EXPORT Instaviz diagrams with the FREE Mac and Windows application Instavue:

• Instaviz uses Recog, a new shape recognition engine. Trained on over 2,500 sketches drawn by real users, Recog uses advanced fuzzy logic to recognize what you just sketched in a split second.

• Instaviz uses Graphviz as its automated graph layout engine. The industry standard for automated graph layout, Graphviz represents over 18 years of research work at AT&T and won two Apple Design Awards in 2004.

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