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Wes McDermott

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FPS Calculate is a utility created for animators and 3D artists. It allows you to quickly convert time into a frame count as well as block out animation by using the digital stopwatch utility called the Animation Timer.

FPS Calculate allows you to select from a set of common frame rates such as 24 fps, 30 fps and 25 fps. You also have the ability to enter a custom frame rate and time can be entered in minutes, seconds or both. From there, you can simply convert time into a frame count, or use the Animation Timer to time action and movement and FPS Calculate will display the frame count in realtime based off the user-defined frame rate!



-Frame to Time conversion tool. Using FPS Calculate's frame conversion tool, you can quickly get the frame count for a user-defined time interval and have it converted to a frame count based off the selected framerate.

-Time to Frame conversion tool. Using FPS Calculate's time conversion tool, you can quickly get the time for a given frame count according to the framerate selected.
*New Feature added in 2.0.1

-Animation Timer tool for timing action and movement. The Animation Timer was built for ease of use as the stop and start of the timer is done with a single touch down and up of a single button and the frame conversion is displayed automatically in realtime.

FPS Calculate is built and maintained by a 3D Artist for 3D Artists.

To see a demo video with directions on how to use FPS Calculate or to get support, visit http://www.wesmcdermott.com/3dninja/iphone.html.

For up to date 3D tips and tutorials, visit The 3D Ninja Blog at http://the3dninja.com/blog

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