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FilmSlate puts a portable "Smart Slate" in your hand.

FilmSlate was developed by professionals, for professionals, and is designed to be used on set as an insert slate, a run-and-gun slate, or a portable backlit slate in your pocket.

* Timecode set to Time of Day or manual "jam-sync"
* Snap your wrist or tap the sticks to snap the slate
* Swipe to increment takes, rolls, or scenes (it will automatically "Apple Up")
* MOS & NITE tags on the slate.
* Shots can be logged with timecode start and stop
* Log files can be emailed directly from the app as a tab-delimited file
* Timecode framerate can be different from shutter speed
* Supports all major frame rates (24, 23.98, 29.97, 30, etc.)
* Built-in help file
* And more...

Note: Email features require a WiFi with the iPod Touch or wireless access. First generation iPod Touches will need an external speaker to hear the snap sound.

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