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Fhotoroom is a pro camera, photo sharing network and professional mobile photo editor.

Our Pro Camera is focused on achieving the absolutely best results that your camera can produce. Utilizing technology like our custom EV (Auto Exposure), Grid and Level all come together to extend the ability of your camera.

Our photo sharing network allows uses to show off their photos with our very fast growing community of winographers. You can also share your beautiful photos with skydrive, flickr, facebook, twitter or tumblr all at once with a single click.

Making beautiful photos in Fhotoroom is easier than ever. You can fix/tweak your photos using our Basic Editor, give your special moments a unique Style from over +50 different filters which are all customizable and then give your photo a final touch with our custom designed frames.

- 18 Powerful Editing Fx (Tones, Brightness, Saturation, Sharpen, RGB Colors, Resize, Rotate, Crop, etc...)
- +50 Beautiful Styles (Light Leaks, Komo, Adele, Americano, Kapla, Haze, Copa, Ansel, Hazelnut, Chili Peppers, Tsar, Pulp Fiction, Herc, Sahara, Blue Moon, Silver, Tinge, Don Juan, Sunset, Aura, Tilt shift, Classic Vogue, Textures, Vignettes etc..)
- 27 Custom Designed Frames

Pro Camera
- Auto Stabilizer
- Dynamic EV with support for +/- 1/2 step.
- Builtin Image Level
- Self Timer
- 5 Common Camera Presets (Action, Night, Portrait etc..)
- Front Facing Camera
- Auto Focus
- Central Focus
- Spot Focus
- Hardware and Software Shutter Support
- Grid Support
- Red Eye Removal (if supported by cam)
- 5x Digital Pinch to Zoom

v2.2 Change Log
- Fixed Front Facing Camera Bug
- Tweaked Camera Point and Shoot workflow.
- Add the option to add or remove Filter recipe.
- Added New Square Frame
- Updated Film Frames with 2 styles.
- Fixed Language Translation issues.

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