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The DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit is a collection of useful utilities designed for the modern filmmaker, contained in one app. The toolkit contains:


* Displays standard slate information, as well as settings specific to DSLR cameras
* Shot logging
* Automatic take incrementation
* High/low contrast display modes
* "Data Burst" displays all your slate information sequentially in a big, bold display, to ensure it is always readable, followed by an audible 'beep" and visual flash, for audio synching.
* Rate and make notes on your takes


* Shots are automatically logged when the slate is activated
* Displays detailed data about every shot
* Handles multiple productions at the same time
* Export your log with one button press - you'll be emailed your shot log instantly
* Export to .html and .csv formats


* Designed to simulate the framing of your DSLR camera
* Choose from a huge list of available cameras
* Zoom through any focal length up to 400mm.
* "Snapshot" an image you want to save. Your image will be saved, complete with the settings used.
* Location data saved with snapshots - remember where, when and what settings you used. Perfect for location scouting


* Choose from a huge list of available cameras
* D.O.F data is displayed instantly as you change the controls
* Metric/imperial units both supported


* Displays sunrise/sunset times for your current location and time of year
* Includes twilight hours - sunset doesn't always mean there's no light...
* Never run out of daylight unexpectedly again


* Works across 2 axes
* Perfect for ensuring your tripod/dolly/crane is level

** CHECK THE INTRO VIDEO AT www.DSLRtoolkit.com **

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