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Depth of field calculator.

Please note this app does not take or manipulate pictures using your phone. It is meant as a tool for DSLR owners.

Latest update:
Added support for new cameras such as Nikon D800, D4, Canon 5DmkIII and others. Changed Canon models to reflect local brands like rebel and kiss. Fixed bug with state restoration from suspended mode.

- smart visual sliders for f/stop, distance and focal length.
- sync hyperfocal or infinity focus distance with one touch
- full, half, and thirds f/stop scales.
- manual entry of arbitrary distance, f/stop, c.o.c, and focal length.
- real time calculation engine (no calculate button to push).
- remembers your settings used on the last calculation (good for when you use it next time).
- extensive camera wizard for finding out camera's c.o.c values.
- support for film and cinematography formats.
- full support for windows phone white and black themes and accent colors.
- saves and restores calculation settings from phone locked screen and from back button.
- support for metric and imperial unit system.
- automatic unit converter: Enter subject distance in cm, m, in, ft and automatically convert to any other unit.
- free trial without time limits.

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    Leonardo Sobrado

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Last Updated on PFA: March 10, 2018  |  Added on PFA: December 02, 2012  |  App ID: 220

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