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Paper-free continuity for film professionals!

A simple and straight forward way of keeping all your continuity notes and photos on your iPad. In use all over the world, Continuity Pro has been updated and refined a number of times to reflect the desires of it's users. Our latest update, version 2, has meant a massive overhaul in the structure of the app making it faster, completely stable and even more simple to use with a far improved sheet display.

A quick snap with the internal camera or a high resolution shot from your digital camera – photographs are easily imported, saved and displayed. Enter multiple photographs at once and swipe through enlarged photos within sheets. A prompted but customisable costume list saves time when adding notes. And all notes and photographs are available immediately and where they're most needed rather than back at the trailer or production office. This simple app enables standbys to utilise any down time on set to create their continuity notes immediately for instant reference. No more printing at the end of a long day, or clumsy cutting and sticking in a dark studio. Costume list is pre-formatted for easy reference.

• Run multiple projects simultaneously.

• Organise continuity sheets by change number, scene number or story day.

• Airdrop an editable sheet, character or project to another app user.

• Bluetooth a sheet to someone nearby.

• Email or Airdrop PDF copies of projects.

• Edit, delete, share, copy and backup projects to your laptop or Dropbox.

• Quick view a character's photographs, in scene or story order in a one page view.

• Differentiate between lead cast and SA's.

• Password protect projects.

• Zoom-in to photographs for greater detail.

• Swipe icons to edit data quickly.

• Search to locate sheets quickly and easily.

• Autosave means you won't lose work if you are called away.

Go to http://www.continuitypro.com/ for any information, or please contact cate.hall@continuitypro.com with any questions!

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