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'Paper-free' continuity for film professionals.

Costume Continuity Pro has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the Costume department, increasing accuracy and improving efficiency in film and television continuity whilst saving time, materials and money.

• Run multiple projects simultaneously
• Organise continuity photographs and notes by character, scene number and story day.
• Bluetooth an editable sheet to another app user or email PDF copies for reference to other departments or members of your team.
• Easily edit, delete, backup and replicate sheets or projects.
• Quick view a character's photographs, in scene order on one continuous page.
• Differentiate between lead cast and SA's.
• Zoom into photographs for greater detail.
• Easily archive projects on your own computer or forward to production.
• Search any scene number, story day or character name to locate sheets quickly and easily.
• Autosave prevents loss of information if you are called away.
• Sort option to allow users to choose between scene OR story order.

Everybody in film and television, at whatever level, will be aware of the mountain of notes and photographs that builds up over the course of a project. Furthermore, they'll recognise the difficulty of updating, sharing and preserving those vital records. Not to mention the frustration and cost caused by slow, static and temperamental photo printers, the time spent in a dark studio, or, at the end of a long day, laboriously cutting and sticking photos into a bulging lever arch, the weight of which adds to an already heavy collection of set bags.

Continuity Pro harnesses the power and convenience of the iPad to collect, collate, preserve, backup, display, modify and share continuity data in all its forms. All notes and photographs are available immediately and where they're most needed rather than back at the trailer or production office. This simple app enables standbys to utilise any down time on set to create their continuity notes immediately for instant reference.

Diarised, searchable pages of linked notes and pictures can be shared via wi-fi or Bluetooth, and the whole day's work can be safely backed up to iCloud whilst you sleep. Search by actor, scene, location – or opt for a quick view to see photos in scene order on one page clearly demonstrating the progression of one character's look throughout the film. All information may be password protected to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive photographs or data.

Imagine what could be achieved with an app specifically designed for your needs. No more losing that vitally annotated call sheet, no more searching for pens or panicking because the correct sheet isn't in the folder. Photos, notes and references all immediately available, updateable and shareable – that's Costume Continuity Pro.

For more information and detailed usage instructions, please visit www.continuitypro.biz

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