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About the CineTape AIR App


Thomas Barton

Developer's Description

This is the official Cinematography Electronics CineTape AIR App. It wirelessly connects your iPhone, iPad or iPod to the new CineTape AIR that works in conjunction with your CineTape. The App instantly displays the distance and adds many features to the industry standard CineTape. The intuitive user interface (UI) makes it a perfect companion for your Cine Tape.

This App requires both a CineTape and the new CineTape AIR accessory.

The measured distance is displayed in easy to read large red numerals that mimic the CineTape. Feet or Meters is shown beneath the numeric readout, for reference.

Adjustable features include; 1) NEAR and FAR distance, 2) SENSITIVITY level, and 3) BRIGHTNESS level. In addition, the App has the ability to SYNCHRONIZE two CineTapes.

The NEAR and FAR distance settings are used to limit the range of the measurement. This is especially useful for "over the shoulder" type shots. To change the setting, tap on the yellow numerals in the NEAR or FAR section and a popup adjustment wheel appears. Scroll the wheel to fine-tune the distance limit. Tap the number again to set the distance. Both the NEAR and FAR settings work in a similar manner. Each can be set and switched on or off independently. This makes it possible to preset limits, and activate or deactivate them during a shot.

Tap on the dotted line in the SENSITIVITY section to increase or decrease the SENSITIVITY. Each dot represents a 5% change. The new SENSITIVITY is displayed as a percentage along with the graphical dot representation. To confirm a change, the red distance display will momentarily flash the new selected setting.

The BRIGHTNESS level of the CineTape is adjustable from the App. Tap on the dotted line in the CTM Brightness area to increase or decrease. The length of the dotted line represents the relative BRIGHTNESS.

SYNCHRONIZE two CineTapes together by tapping the Tap to SYNC section.

This App requires both a CineTape and the new CineTape AIR accessory.

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