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And now for something truly Magical. Add a camera to your iPad (or iPod touch)--wirelessly! Easily connects your iPhone to your iPad to add the camera from one to the other.

Simply start Camera for iPad on both devices, and they'll find each other. Your iPad shows what the iPhone's camera is seeing. Intuitive controls let you zoom with a pinch or rotate with a swipe. And just tap the button to take a high resolution photo that is saved onto your iPad.

??* You Must install and run Camera for iPad on both an iPhone and another device such as an iPad ??*

* WiFi & Bluetooth connections, with no extra setup at all for either one.
* Live viewfinder shows what the iPhone's camera is seeing.
* Pictures are taken at the iPhone camera's full resolution and look gorgeous on the iPad!
* Flash! Take pictures in the dark: your iPad or iPod touch can act as a remotely controlled "Flash" to illuminate the scene. (For best results, turn up the brightness on the iPad or iPod touch.)
* "Mirror" mode on the iPad to view the video flipped--so you can use it as a mirror. (Note that photos aren't saved flipped.)
* Makes a great remote preview when taking group photos!
* Not just for the iPad! You can connect an iPhone to an iPod touch, or even connect one iPhone to another, and choose which is the sender and which is the receiver.

* Requires two devices, one to send pictures and one to receive.
* All iPhone models are supported for sending pictures. 1st generation, 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4; as well as the new camera-equipped iPod touch!
* For receiving pictures, all devices are supported: iPad, iPod touch, and another iPhone are ALL supported!
* Note that 1st generation iPhone and iPod touch only support WiFi connections.

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