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(Updated 10/7/2011: Acacia is now up to version 0.7.4b, and contains features such as a virtual slate, shot logging, and a rudimentary director's viewfinder.)

Acacia (previously called AssCam) is a Camera Assistant's app for Google's Android platform.

It is predominantly aimed at cinematographers shooting on both film and video, but is of some use to still photographers as well.

The current release is v0.5.4 ("Lucy").

It features:
* Real-time calculation of:
* Depth Of Field (DOF)
* Field of View
* Hyperfocal distance

Equipment management for
* Cameras
* Lenses

There's also some additional features in progress. I tend to release things incrementally to get feedback from users, who've had some great idea so far. Thus you'll find things which are not complete, or even started. The big stuff o0n the horizon is:
* Shot logging.
* Camera reporting
* Virtual slate function

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