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* iOS 8.1 Bug fixes & Removal of iAd Network*
*New Zoom + Pan feature implemented, for ease of tracker placement. Simply maneuver the work area like you would a picture.*
-For any support or suggestions, please contact us via our website-

Noticed an interesting walk? A great character trait? Or simply need to shoot reference for your next shot?

AniRef is a tool for animators to create and analyze video reference, place trackers to track arcs, toggle frame by frame, play in slow motion and even bookmark your key poses to implement in your CG/2D workflow!

With a library function to separate your reference footage from your personal videos, and an email export function with embedded trackers, AniRef is a powerful tool for any animator to use Aniwhere, Anitime!

AniRef is patent pending. Please contact us via our website for any questions or suggestions.

* Currently the tracking is manual-based, requiring you to tap to place markers on individual frames. Plans for implementing an automatic tracking system are in the works.

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    Paolo Cogliati
    Twitter @ANIREFapp

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    Photo & Video

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