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ActorsRéz is the world's first and only mobile resume creator designed exclusively for actors. Available on iPhone and iPod touch, ActorsRéz offers thespians a unique experience unlike anything currently available.

ActorsRéz is more than just a resume generator, it's also a file manager. As an actor, it's often critical to have more than one type of resume available on hand, which is why ActorsRéz can create as many resumes as you need. It's no longer practical keeping a stack of resumes in the backseat of your car, especially when your not at your car! Quickly select the best resume for the job and email it on the spot.

ActorsRéz includes the ability to sync PDF resume files to your Dropbox account with ease. Never again worry about waiting till you get home to save files to your computer, simply login to Dropbox and select the resume you want to upload! If you don't have a Dropbox account you can quickly setup a new account from within ActorsRez and start enjoying the service immediately.

ActorsRéz has been designed from the ground up to generate professional looking resumes that are perfect for printed submissions. While building your resume, select from popular paper sizes such as 8x10, US Letter, and A4. ActorsRéz even offers the option to display an 8x10 crop guide that gives you a quick cutting reference when preparing the resume for your headshot.

* Build professional resumes for print and email.

* Create commercial lists for those rare occasions a casting director wants to know your conflicts.

* Access all PDF resume files when connected to iTunes.

* Maintain a sophisticated database of experience, training, recognition, dialects, fluent languages, skills, and representation.

* Display up to 20 different union affiliations on your resume including SAG, AEA, AFTRA, and MEAA.

* Display personal stats such as your height, weight, hair color, eye color, and vocal range. Displaying stats is a user selectable option.

* Rearrange and organize credits based on importance. Guarantee your best work is displayed first.

* Display text on the resume as either uppercase or standard.

* Choose which categories you want to display and the order in which they will be displayed.

* Training credits can range from a college education with additional courses, to smaller workshops.

* Select from 5 unique formats for displaying agent information.

* Select up to two agents to be displayed on each resume.

* Email resumes as a PDF attachment or Plain Text.

* Import up to 5 headshots that can be attached to outgoing emails.

We're always excited to hear from you!
Please email us at: support@actorsrez.com

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