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Action Log is a film and television logging tool, designed for use on location or in a studio with up to 25 recording devices. At the touch of a button the logging system keeps track of all reel names and timecodes for each recorded piece of action.

Entry of comments is quick and easy by constructing clip names from predefined lists and use of the inbuilt keyboard.

All clips in a project can be emailed as ALE and XML files to overnight digitisers and editors for immediate ingestion. For those who like to edit with printed logs in hand, HTML formatted log sheets sorted by reel name, can also be forwarded.

It's slimline design and seamless connectivity to Avid and Final Cut Pro makes paper logs a thing of the past.

* Unlimited number of projects
* Up to 25 cameras
* Synchronize cameras using time of day or free running timecode
* Quick to use logging system
* Incremetal slate and take fields
* Easy construction of clip names from predefinded lists
* Logging continues without the application running
* View, edit and delete logged clips
* Export to Avid ALE files, Final Cut Pro XML and to HMTL formatted logging sheets

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    Andris Ltd.

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